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ISBN 1-894210-66-3 The author balanced the pride of hometown with the eye of the historian in Tide & Timber.

The reader is presented with a broad outline of 200 years of continuous settlement threaded around the core themes of community dynamics and the influence of the land on the people who live at the confluence of the Avon and Halfway Rivers.

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ISBN 1-894378-48-2 This book is a high quality reprint of a rare volume that was originally published in 1876.The general purpose of this publication was to collect in as compact a form as possible all the information that has survived on Loyalist settlements in Nova Scotia and to make this accessible to the descendants who are interested. This book is an essential resource for those who have an interest in the early history of the County.ISBN 1-897210-95-7 This book deals with the exodus of the Loyalists of the Spring Fleet from the United States to sanctuary in Atlantic Canada in 1783. With Reminiscences of Early Days in Connecticut: A Narrative. ISBN 1-897210-91-4 History of Inverness County is a highly acclaimed local history book loaded with information that is loaded with information about the families and settlements in Inverness County.Paulsen The murder of the Emoneau (Eminaud) family in 1791 has fascinated genealogists and amateur historians for decades.The Emoneau deaths of 1791 at the hands of two Boutilier brothers were the first murders in Lunenburg since the community had been settled in 1753. ISBN : 9781926797434 From the time of the first settlement of Europeans in King's County until 1910, author Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, tells the story of Acadian inhabitants in the late 17th century, their expulsion in 1755, and subsequent settlement by New England Planter families, and the further settlement and development of Kings County.

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