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I have friends whose parents think they should be having pre-marital sex and think it’s okay to live together before marriage…those kinds of parents don’t have the best judgement and it’s up to their children to make moral decisions for themselves.well considering my parents are divorced and I wouldn’t want anyone I choose to marry to meet my family until it is absolutely necessary since I don’t want to be judged based on them since there are many more problems besides a divorce, I think I prefer the dating.The activities may be similar and they may refer to it as dating, but the intention creates a very different context. Your definition of “courting” seems to always be what I assumed “dating” was. There’s nothing wrong with getting to know someone slowly by taking them out to dinner and a movie.Dating on the other hand, is a more casual activity, which is not necessarily intended to lead to a possible marriage, but may be intended as a means to romance, or fun. Once you realize that this is a worthy person it just sort of naturally evolves into your definition of “courting”.However, I agree that the idea of courting is nice.

Not everyone has that and not everyone has parents who even care. It may be a little grown-up for teenagers, so I would advise parents to read it first. However, I still would think courting would involve dating. I just didn’t know there was a word for it and thought it was just a preference for a type of dating. Unlike most courtship books, this was for adults from a Catholic perspective. I think dating is better in high school and college before you are ready to be married but then if you are ready to be married then courting perhaps would be better.Courting is ideal but not always realistic by the definitions given of the two.I also believe that neither should happen until an appropriate age (ie. The reason I say both is that many adults are on their own and far away from their families, so involving families is not always able to be done.

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