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Let’s take a look at some famous geysers and hot springs around the world.(Pictured) Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia This is Iceland’s most active geyser, erupting every six to 10 minutes.The geyser shoots up steam and hot water up to 120 feet (37 meters) in the air, and tourist flock the region to witness this striking phenomenon. The vibrant hues of yellow, orange, green and blue give the spring an almost rainbow-like appearance, making it the one of the most photographed thermal spots in the national park.They’re the reason the area was once known as Mushroom Valley, a name given to it by businessman Arthur Chaffin, who conducted extensive explorations after stumbling across it in the Twenties.Don’t be surprised if it’s another landscape which looks familiar – it was the backdrop for cult sci-fi comedy The beauty of this geothermal geyser is that it constantly sprays water into the air – hence the multicoloured layers of mineral deposits.It’s another country which features in various sci-fi films – the Dettifoss waterfall appears in the opening of space exploration flick Geysers and hot springs result from volcanic activity on the surface of the Earth.While geysers spurt out hot water and steam into the air, hot springs (or thermal springs) are water bodies that contain groundwater warmed up by magma in volcanic areas.This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

The pumps which sucked away much of the water were turned off, causing the entire area to flood.

The geyser was only opened to the public relatively recently – it’s located on a plot of private land.

Suddenly the average garden-based water feature looks rather boring.

We’re not naming a specific location for this one, simply because there are so many Icelandic locations which resemble the moon.

Take the Krysuvík geothermal area, with its boulder-dotted slopes and steaming craters, or the Westfjords, with their barren valleys and black sand beaches.

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