Dating rules hinduism

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The use of jathakam or Janam Kundali (astrological chart at the time of birth) of the son/daughter to match with the help of a priest is common, but not universal.Parents also take advice from the brahman called 'Jothidar' in Tamil or 'panthulu or siddanthi ' in Telugu and Kundali Milaan in northern India, who has details of many people looking to get married.

When Hindus meet each other, they greet each other by saying ‘Namaste’ or ‘Namaskar.’ They put together the palms of both hands while saying so.Gradually the distinction became primarily religious rather than ethnic, geographic, or cultural.Since the late 19th century, Hindus have reacted to the term Hinduism in several ways.It does not mean that people living in the cities do not observe them but they are not as staunch as the people in villages are.There are literally thousands of customs and traditions in Hinduism.

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