Dating pregnancy straight after a miscarriage who is prince harry dating now

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Calling the doctor on Monday, to make sure everything is ok. I am just nervous because of what happened last time and not having a period in between to kind of "reset" my uterus. I got pregnant straight after my second miscarriage (which happened at 6.5 weeks) with no period in-between and the pregnancy was successful. I had a MC at 7 weeks in April, and 6 weeks later got a BFP before the return of my first period.

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The actual loss itself is usually accompanied by bleeding from your womb, but that is not really what we call a period, its just your uterus trying to clear itself out.Although these abnormalities can stem from either the sperm or the egg, they're more likely to come from the egg.Eggs are just much more vulnerable because they have been lying dormant but growing fragile in the ovaries for decades, while sperm is made fresh continuously.It is vital that this is investigated by a gynaecologist to find out the cause of the problem.If after lots of testing, the results are negative, then the chances of your next pregnancy being successful are fairly high.

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