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You will never go hungry or sleep on the streets in Kurdistan.At the beginning of the Syrian conflict, Kurds set up camps for the incoming refugees.Many laborers are Pakistani, and the only brothels in the area are Chinese, further lowering opinions of Eastern women.In fact, an Indonesian-American teacher in the capital was raped during my time in Kurdistan.While conflict roils along its borders, the Peshmerga are invested in keeping the conflict outside.The only trouble I had was with men, and I developed safety measures for myself: I wore long clothes and dark sunglasses, I avoided eye contact with men, I didn’t take taxis late at night, I ignored catcalls and stopped answering the “are you single” question, and I did my best to travel with friends, especially male friends. When I was there, most passports could obtain a free 10-day tourist visa upon entry.She has studied in Scotland, taught kindergarten in Iraqi Kurdistan, and backpacked through Central America.Rachel currently lives on a kibbutz in Israel; she’s moving soon to Australia to start her next international chapter.

Equipped with a degree in ancient Greek, she’s lived and worked abroad for over three years.'' That is what Saddam did, and now those relatives are fulfilling their obligation to protect him from the Americans.'' Saddam Hussein married a first cousin who grew up in the same house as he did, and he ordered most of his children to marry their cousins. Moving in with the in-laws might be an American bride's nightmare, but Iqbal said her toughest adjustment occurred five years later, when Sheik Yousif decided that she and Muhammad were ready to live by themselves in a new home he provided just behind his own.'' I felt a little lonely at first when we moved into the house by ourselves,'' Iqbal said.Sheik Yousif said he never forced any of his children to marry anyone, but more than half of the ones to marry have wed cousins. Muhammad said he, too, felt lonely in the new house, and he expressed pity for American parents and children living thousands of miles from each other. While I was there, I discovered a world that was entirely new to me, and I explored various facets of the society I was living in. I was completely out of my comfort zone, and thus open to all of the stunning, horrible, and marvelous wonders of Kurdistan. Anything good you do reflects upon your family, but even more so, anything bad you do brings shame upon your relatives. They are proud of this unique land, which they fought to build.This communal influence contrasts with the individualism of the West, where we exist largely separate from our families. The Peshmerga, the Death-Confronters, the Iraqi Kurdish militia, are still actively defending the country they fought to build against ISIS, just as they defended it against Saddam Hussein. Every family I met had someone who sacrificed, or even died, for Kurdish independence. They are wary of Arabs and Turks, who have a history of oppressing Kurds.

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