Dating online gentlemen

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that just because you'd be delighted to see a stranger in their underwear, the feeling is not reciprocated – no matter how good your guns are.

And yet with internet dating profile pictures, we never seem to learn the same lesson – i.e.

Today, young, beautiful, desirable people of all age groups huddle over Tinder together in pubs like it's a modern day Pong machine.

There's no shame left in being on OKCupid or Plenty Of Fish or – or at least no more than, say, owning a copy of David Gray's is 'OK' with internet dating in 2014.

Also, it shows poor judgement if you surround yourself with idiots. It’s not just a matter of being on time, it’s a matter of showing her early on that you stand by what you say, are reliable, and trustworthy.

I personally would much rather pick a woman up for a date and have never had someone suggest that we meet somewhere because she was uncomfortable with me knowing her address, but I understand in the age of online dating sometimes this trust is a little harder to come by.

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