Dating nonchristian

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What if all that fear-mongering I heard in the church had some truth to it? And then, a Christian "friend" decided to "confront me about my sin" of living with my boyfriend.And as I tried to defend myself and tell her why I don't believe it's a sin and why it's not loving for her to judge me like this- she barely even knew me- I thought, "Yes.

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So my boyfriend is basically "wickedness" and I am "righteousness"? Also, verses in the Old Testament which condemn Israel for turning away and following idols are very often followed by a verse about sacrificing their children to these idols (Jeremiah -35, Deuteronomy , 2 Kings -17, Psalm 1-39).I am already loved unconditionally and accepted by God. (And if you just said "yeah God loves us but that doesn't mean we can do whatever we want" then hold on a minute, I will get to that.) I want my people- American evangelical Christians- to know that it's possible to be a Christian and not believe it's a life-ruining sin to marry a non-Christian.(And that my belief is 100% rooted in the bible and the character of God.(Perfect Number's in love, y'all.) I'd like to give an answer to the question, "How can you possibly think it's okay to marry a non-Christian?" Not because I need to submit my personal life for judgment and approval by other Christians- of course I don't need to do that.

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