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Black further states that he doesn’t “want no Black b***h / I'm already Black / Don't need no Black b***h" (Meara). He surrounds himself with white women and thinks all black people are on welfare. And through the constant advertisement of white women as symbols of goodness, purity, wealth, and success, black men seek refuge.It is their one-way ticket out of “the hood” that is American, racial oppression An oppression that divides them from black women.As a black woman myself, I took great interest in the topic. The article began with a question, “Why do Black athletes marry white women? This question was asked via Twitter by Redskins team member, Lyndon Antonio Trail.Upon first reading it, my heart instantly dropped into my stomach.The straight blonde hair and the sparkling blue eyes have captivated American beauty.In a 2016 CNN article, it is said that The Fashion Spot dissected “racial diversity on the runways.Before me were the words of Miami Dolphins team member, Masaratti Rick, who said, “’The answer is simple, brother,’ he begins.

From billboards to dolls to businesses to TV and so on and so on, white people are advertised all throughout the country.

Thus, they try to remedy this “sickness” by washing themselves clean through whiteness. And one of those constructs was creating the perfect woman: submissive, quiet, appeals to the man, gentle, white, etc.

They dye their hair, they change the way they walk and talk, they associate themselves with white “culture,” they bleach their skin, and so forth. These characteristics are of an ideal woman and anything outside of that understanding is unattractive.

Too many times I have seen this question and too many times I have seen the same answer.

As I ran a sweaty finger down the mouse wheel, the response- “the answer”- was revealed.

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