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The same is true for you — you must NOT read this list and say to yourself “I ticked off most of these characteristics, so I must have been abused”. Dressing inappropriately (either very modestly or very immodestly) for the weather and their size 5.

Obesity (in my clients about 1/3 of the obese women were sexually abused) 6.

Lack boundaries, physically, emotionally and spiritually 9.

Before exploring the myths, though, here are some key facts: Everyone absorbs the myth that males aren’t victims, to some extent.smells (aftershave or cooked cabbage like Grandma always made) or sounds (a footstep in the hall at night) or images (a type of bed or a sofa in the basement) or touch (the hair, or lack of, on a man’s chest) or taste (slimy, tart, or spicy).This is usually part of PTSD, but that deserves a post of its own, because of the complexity of the topic. Arousal when reading about a child who’s been victimized.It is important to understand that males can respond to sexual stimulation with an erection or even an orgasm – even in sexual situations that are traumatic or painful. In an otherwise lonely life (for example, one lacking in parental attention or affection – even for a brief period), the attention and pleasure of sexual contact from someone the boy admires can feel good.But in reality, it’s still about a boy who was vulnerable to manipulation.

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