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Makers of the Boston School were scattered all over New England.Each developed its own recognizable style, although the first designs were European.Many of the dials illustrated the phases of the moon, the month and sometimes the day or the week.After the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Colonists found themselves increasingly short of raw materials, including copper and zinc for the brass clock movements.Clock making flourished in the Philadelphia area from the mid-1700s to the 1840s.

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The mechanism was encased in a wooden cabinet with a dial that told the time.Fundamentally, these clocks consisted of four parts: The weight, the source of power; the train, which transmitted the downward pull of the weight into the rotary velocity; the escapement, which transmitted the rotary velocity of the train into intermittent--or periodic--motion; and the pendulum, the controlling element associated with the intermittent motion of the escapement.The theory behind this was that the force of a weight is constant, while the force of spring may vary with its tension.From the early days, two distinct schools of clockmaking emerged, one centered in Philadelphia, the other in Boston.Those of the Philadelphia School spread from New York down the Delaware Valley to Virginia and Carolina.

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