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A few years later, I gave the guitar and amp to my father, but he played them very little as well.My father passed away last winter, and I found these when I was cleaning out his closets.On the tube block, I found another number, A 24354 stamped on the side. Fender stopped putting Date Codes on the Tube Chart in 1970, so that number is meaningless so far as dating the amp is concerned. It has the old RCA hook-ups for the pedals, and internally, its in great shape. The other number A24354 you found is a serial number and falls into the serial numbers for a 1970 Silverface Princeton Reverb - A24000 to A25000 = 1970. First, Fender used the grille cloth on your Princeton from approximately 1970 to 1975.

Realistically, if the price was right and the amp looked new when you bought it, does it really matter when it was built?

After 1975, the grille cloth color changed from silver and blue to silver and orange.

The Fender logo on the amp lost its tail around 1974 and the model name on the control panel used to read “Princeton Reverb Amp” prior to circa 1971.

The two-letter date code stamped on the tube chart was discontinued after 1969, and there is no speaker date code, so aside from taking the chassis apart to look for other date codes, the serial number is the only dating feature we have.

While Fender produced the silverface Princeton Reverb continuously from 1968 to 1981, they did implement some subtle changes along the way that also help us date it today.

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