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Before I did not use any frameworks but I'm going to use Laraval4 for the upcoming project.

Laravel seems the best choice of a cleaner way to code PHP. I'm looking for general ways of translation that are platform/framework independent.

And if all else fails, you pick the site's default language.

The alternative is to use URL, that can be defined as .

The question was about the latter aspect - A very important thing is, don't get fancy with IDN.You would have to go through all the segments of the pattern.Find the potential translations for all of those segments and determine which language was used.The two additional sources (cookie and header) would be used to resolve routing conflicts, when (not "if") they arise. When the list has one item, you have successfully found the language.But if you end up with 2 (example: Russian and Ukrainian) or more possibilities .. You will have to use cookie and/or header to find the correct option.

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