Dating divas roadtrip

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Send the kids out to take photos at different times of the day.Have them learn about simple apertures, horizons, lighting, and patience, etc.It’s a good idea for adults or leaders to be familiar with plant identification. Send them out with a list to take photos of: cumulus cloud, live bug, live butterfly, bird on a rock, tree leaf, granite rock, flower bud, trail marker, etc.This should keep them busy because they will need to practice patience and quiet observance of their surroundings.

This activity, like the Scavenger Hunt, can be a great memory maker for the newer kids as they can print off or Instagram their awesome photos showing what they did on their camping excursion.Prior to leaving for your camping trip, make paper copies of a list of things children can gather.Parents or leaders can make this age appropriate and/or create teams to make this extra fun.Make it even more fun by creating a list of trash things the kids must find (i.e.bottle cap, pull-tab, paper towel, aluminum foil, water bottle, soda can, fishing line, chip bag, etc.). bottle cap 5 points, pull-tab 3 points, cigarette butt 1 point, etc.)Have them gather ‘fallen’ elements (sticks, leaves, acorns, etc.) and create artsy crafts.

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