Dating bo rinehart

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This record, because a lot of things happened with us over that period of time – major reconciliation – we spent more time experimenting like a garage band than we have since we first started.Bo: The separation that happened on [Rivers in the Wasteland] forced us to write on our own, independently, so we weren’t going to the studio. And just to get the job done, we were going to the computer and trying out synth sounds and whatever.

Bear: Yeah, everybody has to check their ego at the door a little bit.

Bear: You’re free to do some different things in the studio and obviously you take a lot more time with it. We’ve got singers and steel and all that, but that’s the icing on top. Bear: I think there’s a million different things that people mean when they say “Christian” – that word, much less Christian music.

I think the whole idea of live is to have more energy, at least for us, so the rock thing makes the most sense. I was thinking today – I got a direct message or something from this guy, and he said, “I hate the new record.

Their Tour de Compadres, underway now, features a stacked deck of supporting acts such as Mat Kearney, John Mark Mc Millan, Parachute and Welshly Arms joining them for more than 50 dates – including a sold-out stop at Colorado’s famed Red Rocks. Everybody in the business around us told us that was insane and it wouldn’t work and it’d cost too much money to bring that many bands, and you can’t play as long.

RS luckily found cooler environs to chat with Bear, his guitarist brother Bo, bassist Seth Bolt and keyboardist Josh Lovelace about the tour, their restless sonic experimentation and that pesky “Christian band” label. Everybody has to get along I guess to make it work, but it’s been the most successful thing we’ve ever done and we have more fun doing it than any other tours we ever had.

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