Dating before deployment

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Ex: fiancé was deployed for 7 months in the desert, shitty internet, he was always busy up until a month before he came home. Being a military SO is challenging sometimes, specially with deployments. I hope that when he's gone the time will fly by fast and that we'll be lucky enough to at least be able to facetime/skype at where he's going to be at, but as of now we don't know yet.

It also depends where he gets deployed to, where he stays, and what he’s there for.Even when I was in the pre-deployment phase, my fellow soldiers loved to see how cute we were when sneaking in late-night calls.His texts were 'I can't wait to make more memories with you,' and 'you make me the happiest person.' Looking back now, I feel like I was so stupid to believe it. I landed and reported to my new home for the next nine months, and I could barely get a response from him.He had me out to visit, and he even cancelled plans with his friends last-minute to fly out to see me for a week before I left for overseas.We played around with the idea of me moving out, and he had me convinced I was important to him.

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