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Some will be worth less, and you may be able to sell one for more, depending on the demand for the bed and how much someone wants it.Burnished brass and antique brass almost look exactly the same. This creates a chemical reaction that looks 'burnished' or 'antiqued'.Restoring these brass antique lamps is very rewarding because they can be returned to their original luster pretty easily.However, having a nice patina on these antique lamps also adds a great vintage look to your home's decor.The other countries patent archieves illustrate the brass beds arrival in countries like canada and the USA, as well as france, the country showing the earliest patents, The original documentation revealing the actual history of brass beds including the ones where the frame included brass, or the ones where ornamental parts were of brass is widespread, however, the patent archieves tell the real story, including the early brass beds that had the brass in the bed frame the mattress rests upon.

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The only company making brass beds from solid brass and welding, or brazing them in the assembly, without steel or iron hardware, was Constance Cox Brass Beds, who operated from 1972 until 1994, In canada, and for a time with design studios in Montreal, Ottawa, and Orlando.

Brass can also look like this after many years and be referred to as antique brass.

One popular metal used in fine antique lamps is brass.

It is more complex than any normal person would think about, brass beds of significantly different types given the same name.

Interesting to note is the fact that non-military manufacturing companies were not permitted to use brass for the construction of any non-military goods at the time of WW1, This became a part of the rationing laws enacted by congress, in the case of brass, it was because of shell casings, made from brass.

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