Dating anniversary presents men

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There is lovely carving a bridge of elephants, a set of carved Buddhas and a finely crafted chess board all made of mandarin ivory on There are some beautiful tagua nut ivory Christmas ornaments available on or a great handmade tagua nut ivory humming bird which if your anniversary is in the summer months might be more appropriate. There is an eco-friendly tagua nut ivory nut watch which would make a great fourteenth anniversary gift on

Gold jewelry is always an appreciated gift and there are lots of gold jewelry gift choices for both men and women. You could get a gold watch, ring, bracelet necklace or broach the choices are endless.

Agate was highly regarded in ancient times as a talisman or amulet which was believed to protect against fevers and quench thirst.

The dahlia was not introduced into Europe until the 19 century.

If a ring is more to her liking try the blue lace agate and bloodstone silver ring on Blue Moon Gem Works website at

If an African Safari is out of the question, why not do one of the African Wildlife Parks like the one at Port Clinton in Ohio or Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando Florida and spend some time enjoying each other and the elephants.

You can find lots of wonderful gold jewelry choices at local jewellers or department stores.

If you want handcrafted jewelry try or for handcrafted gold jewelry sparkling with colorful jewels try

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