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"In Mongolia, women are the main producers of material goods and food providers, especially among the rural population.

In general, they are also better educated and better off than men, although equality is the result of a predominantly patriarchal culture.

It was a large-scale study, which resulted in a fairly objective picture of what is happening in the country today and especially in ordinary Mongolian families, in Mongolian gender relations, in society.

Augusta Thomson is a blogger with a bachelor's degree in archaeology and anthropology from Oxford University, currently a Fulbright Fellow in Ladakh, India.

Wikipedia) With the help of two leading non-governmental organizations, Globe International and Mercy Corps, Gandii distributed digital technologies in rural Mongolia, creating a 90-page guide on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Now, she will promote her technology further in the desert; and when Nomine points to her eldest daughter and tells us that she hopes to work in the field of nanotechnology, Gandii's eyes have lit up.

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The more we travel, the more I see how women unite Mongolian society and family.

(The Aimak are semi-nomadic tribes of perso-mongoloid origin speaking Persian.

They live in the high plateaus of northwestern Afghanistan, just north of the city of Herat, as well as in Iran, in Khorassan.

Nomine is the thirty-fifth woman interviewed by our team during a five-week trip to the Gobi desert.

The trip was undertaken to study how Mongolian women and girls use digital technology.

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