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At first, she told me, he asked her to pay to get his car back after it was towed.

"It can also result in enforced displacement — sex workers being forced to work in more isolated spaces, where they have less access to safety and protection." When sex workers are displaced to more obscure venues, they have less ability to control their business — from client selection to the types of sexual acts and condom use.

They are fighting the legal status quo, social mores and also mainstream feminism, which has typically focused on saving women from the sex trade rather than supporting sex workers who demand greater rights. She had a part-time job as a restaurant hostess, but she liked feeling desired and making money on the side to spend on clothes and entertainment.

But in the last decade, sex-worker activists have gained new allies. “I really, really did love the work,” she told her Amnesty audience of more than 100.

“I was moving toward a goal, and sex work helped me do that,” Muñoz told the crowd.

A few years later, however, another ex-boyfriend, with whom she was still close, started to take advantage of the underground nature of Muñoz’s work.

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