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You can also code your application programming languages using it's native PL/SQL language.

Oracle Database also let's you make calls to Java programs and embed some Java inside the PL/SQL. It's quite costly if you are using it for small businesses.

Overall: I have learned a lot using Oracle, it would be great if it were not so expensive, as well as being certified in it.

It is important to know that a well-crafted database will work in any database manager, Oracle can not solve faults or problems in a poorly-related database Pros: There are many advantages of Oracle Database, I can say that its performance and use of resources for me is of a competent efficiency since it is a multiplatform system.

It can be used both for personal information and for large data stores.

is run in high and low range equipment, this is a great advantage.

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The Forms, SQLFORMS are very simple and effective for the design of screens, the best of all is that, after defining the form you can work on it without generating codes, this at user level is very useful.- For DBA without experience, a configuration is complicated by the amount of details that must be consider.- If you do not have a graphical interface to work with Oracle, you should have knowledge in commands to work in consoles or terminals.Some of the very sophisticated features are only available for enterprise version of Oracle Database which is quite costly.Oracle is very price oriented, so be careful about the budget when you chose Oracle Database.

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