Christian dating advice how far is too far

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"Kevin's abuse was a wake-up call for me," says Sarah.

"I moved out and went back home." As she's recovered from her relationship with Kevin, Sarah has renewed her commitment to God. "Sexual purity isn't just about sexual abstinence," says Sarah.

Foreplay is OK for a Christian." There are many other Christian students, however, who believe sexual purity is about a whole lot more than just staying a virgin." Ever wonder what other Christians think about sex? What we found were some misconceptions and unclear boundaries. Tim's a Christian who believes wholeheartedly in abstinence.He says, "If you remain abstinent until marriage, you're sexually pure." But then he says, "I think petting's all right.As I will go into more detail below, the apostle Paul said (and I’m paraphrasing) that what is merely should be the target.For example, it’s heartwarming to see an older married couple holding hands in the park or sharing a little kiss to express their affection for one another, what I would call non-sexual touching and affection.

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