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Her readers see her as a best friend with a “we’re in this together” sort of attitude when it comes to love advice.

Mirabelle Summers – Using Your Best Asset to Attract Men – Yourself Mirabelle Summers can give you REAL advice which will always show you how to use your best asset to attract the right man for you… Nadine Piat – Love, Attraction, Confidence, Self-Worth & Communication A certified coach, writer and speaker and coaching women and men for over 10 years about love, attraction, confidence, self-worth and communication.

Seth Myers, Ph D -Dating Advice Many aspects of a date are out of your control, so try to move through any awkwardness or difficulty with flexibility.

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Katie and Gay Hendricks – Hearts In Harmony Gay and Katie Hendricks have been leaders in the field of relationship transformation and bodymind therapies for more than 45 years.

Stop sleeping with men if you can’t handle the consequences. – Evan Marc Katz Dating Advice The key to finding a real, lasting connection with someone?

Always be your genuine, most authentic self — even on date number one.“The absolute best thing you can do on a first date is genuinely be yourself,” Nancy Brooks, Psychotherapist and Couples Counselor, tells Bustle.

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Lots of great advice articles on how to be an attractive women and to stop guys from pulling away.

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