Chen kun zhao wei dating

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There is a type of steadfastness that says 16 years later I am still here.There is a type of man that says I have a broken bone but I’ll still carry you.The sense of happiness has only increased, that blinding brightness belonging only to you.Today is your birthday – one greeting, one wish, one hope that all your dreams come true, a lifetime of peace. And for this year’s birthday, crashing her talk show appearance with a cake and a hug wasn’t enough, Huang Xiaoming weibo’d the following. The happiest thing is having it once before, so no need to be sad that it’s gone. I hope today you can still be as you once were that year – bright, happy, optimistic, and beautiful. ” Huang Xiaoming weibo’d this picture of him and Zhao Wei through the years.She has a music career, starting with her debut album Swallow (1999), and has released 7 albums.In 2006, she won the MTV Asia Award for Favorite Artist from Mainland China, for her album Double.And not to be outdone, Zhao Wei doesn’t just one super hot guy best friend from college – she has 2! Yup, this shiz is so not fair, how can one girl have it all?

You, 15 years later, still with the long hair, still with the same silhouette, still so beautiful.The actor was also noticeably absent from showing his support for Zhao's directorial debut that premiered last month, triggering speculations that he has chosen Zhou Xun over Zhao Wei.His manager initially tried to dismiss the rumour by emphasising that the actor personally bought tickets to catch the film.A fan wrote: There is a type of friendship called Zhao Wei/Huang Xiaoming.There is a type of first love called a college confession.

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