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Riley admitted she was "surprised" how much publicity Collins' coming-out received, and added that it will be interesting, long-term, to watch and gauge what impact Collins' revelation truly has.Riley said there is a "different mindset in male sports that probably doesn't need to be there; I think it's pretty narrow minded." Riley said she has played with and against gay players, and it's never been an issue, she said."For me, whatever your [sexual] orientation is, it has no bearing on our ability as a team, in the locker room or on the court, to do our job," Cash said."I think it's good for Jason to now feel free, to be who he is." Cash said locker room talk is mostly sport-related, or about current events, such as the three women rescued in Cleveland—not about a teammate's sexual orientation."I think it's huge when you have people like President Obama and Kobe Bryant supporting Jason.

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"Nor do I take offense to it." "For me, I'm hoping [someone's coming-out] is not the big story," Chatman said."I love learning about different cultures, religions, orientations—because I'm so open, from how I was raised," said Murphy, who attended USC."As long as you're happy and not hurting anyone, I support you and am all for you—and it doesn't matter if you're Black, white, Asian, Latin, Muslim, gay, straight, whatever.I think our country is built on the fact that we're a melting pot." Both Collins and Griner will have lasting impact on the younger generation, many Sky players said.Griner, for instance, has an endorsement deal with Nike, which wasn't affected at all by her coming-out.

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