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That’s when we both truly knew we were meant for each other and wanted exclusivity. You’ll understand why I want to fight for this since it’s been ripped from me. Going dark.— Paul Calafiore (@Paul Calafiore_) December 27, 2018Of course, that didn’t happen.

In the meantime, Paulie’s relationship with Cara grew.

It seems like Calafiore is still hoping for some kind of reconciliation with Sorbello.

Unable to disconnect himself with Danielle, Paulie stayed around.

“Danielle and Cara are talking about everything and will speak when they are ready,” a source said. Assailants can sometimes disguise themselves as victims.

“For now, they are both trying to process what they have lived through for the past seven months.” Since this report, there have been texts released allegedly between Calafiore and both women. People have short memories when they want to believe a narrative.

But then he reportedly left Maltby for Cara Maria Sorbello.

The two were officially a couple in an open relationship. According to Us Weekly, Sorbello ended their relationship when she found out Calafiore was still talking to Maltby.

You have one year from the date you enroll to conquer the challenge – finish 3 hikes and receive the badge pictured here; complete all 6 requirements to be listed on our Hiking Challenge Wall of Fame and win more prizes!

The couple’s therapist recommended no contact for 45 days according to Paulie.

No one will know Cara’s and my story until this next season airs.

My answer to that is: This kind of publicity does more harm to Danielle than good.

Danielle can go on Bachelor in Paradise if she wants to. Being associated to you Paulie is NOT a good look for someone like her.” This breakup certainly is a messy one given the accusations and released texts.

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