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Put all the hopelessly wishful thinking of feminist ideology aside and what remains is the fact that it is men and pretty much men only who draw power from accomplishment, who invent technology, build nations, cure disease, create empires and generally advance civilization.

Women whether acknowledging it makes us feel warm and fuzzy or not, depend on men for all of that and the only tool they have at their disposal to have any sort of influence on any of it is the power of pussy and pussy is powerful indeed…Sexual robotics may well prove to be the best thing that ever happened to women from the standpoint of their humanity....

On these websites, much like on myriad subreddits, forums, 4chan and 8chan threads where male supremacists gather, the harassment of women is encouraged.

In fact, this is sometimes a stated objective: in Paul Elam’s words: “the progress we need will only be realized by inflicting enough pain on the agents of hate, in public view, that it literally shocks society out of its current coma” — or, in other terms, “rattle the cage of feminists.” Gross mischaracterizations of all women are the bread-and-butter of male supremacist websites.

It is driven by the belief that men are entitled to a superior place in society than women, which are biologically and intellectually inferior — as a result, any advancement that women might have obtained is nothing more than a usurpation.

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A thinly veiled desire for the domination of women and a conviction that the current system oppresses men in favor of women are the unifying tenets of the male supremacist worldview.

“Pussy is the only real empowerment women will ever know.

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