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Laurian Anthea Strickland Anthony Cella Antoine Barthelemy Ariel Treasures Armin Sorg Arvid Pasto At Perry's Healing Crystals Aura Shop Austin Trueman Azalea Lee Baltimore Mineralogical Society Barb Matz Barbara A Siddiqui Baringer Hill Minerals Bart Bretherton Becky Coulson Benjamin Oelkers Bernard Bouissac Bernard Nirlo Bertil van Os Bill Cordua Bill Dameron Blue Cap Productions Blue Cap Productions Hawaii, LLC Bob Beattie Bob Cooke Boglarka Topa Bonni Mackintosh Boston Mineral Club Branko Rieck Brent Lockhart Brent Thorne Brian Kosnar Brigitta Streich-Mader British Mineralogy Bruce Cox Bruce Hurley Bruce Luscombe Bruce Murphy Bruce Ueno Bruce White Bruce Yardley Bruno Marello C2/m Mineralogy CAL NEVA MINERAL CO.CWS Cal Neva Mineral Company Carey Legett Carl (Bob) Carnein Carl Carnein Carlos Gomez Carlos Santana Carolyn Coolidge Carolyn M L Kerr Carsten Slotta / Min Casey Jones Casper Voogt Catherine Duke Cedric Schnyder Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies Charles Knechtel Charles Rothera Charles Weil Cheryl Mann-Hall Chevron Matching Employee Fund Chris Boyd Chris De Grave Chris Robinson Chris Whitney-Smith Christian Auer Christian Burke Christian Klein Christina Gembicki Christina Johnson Christine Iacobuzio Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue Christine Wendt Christophe Boutry Christophe Rigaud Christopher Clark Christopher Stefano Christopher Wentzell Colin Manlove Colorado Gem & Mineral Company Costas Constantinides Craig Bosel Dacques Nini Dale Foster Dan Holtstam Dana Slaughter Daniel Golab Daniel J.First stop is the evening event at the Perot Museum. Alexander Ferri Anne Sanquini Anton Lukes Arnold W. Pospisill Mark Kucera Mary Hicks Matt Zukowski Michael Oehme-Tobler Michael Seeds NY State Academy of Mineralogy Norman King PH, dedicated to JULIA ROSE HUGGINS Paul Huggins Paul Siegel Peter Megaw Reserved Richard J. Currier Living Trust Sage Goddess Shannon Graewin Simon Lawrence Southern California Chapter, Friends of Mineralogy Steve Maslansky Steven M.Mantyla Barry Kitt Bob Jones Bonifazio Willeit Capital Mineral Club Connecticut Valley Mineral Club Dana Slaughter Minerals David Von Bargen Donald B Peck Donald S Windeler Jr Douglas Merson Fabian Wildfang Frank Dudas Gary Freeman Gary White Geo LLC George Frederick Huggins Herb Obodda IMO Charles Hyde Warren James and Charelle Webb Jasun, Mandy and Kevin Mc Avoy Jeffrey Kremer Jerry Cone Jim & Gail Spann John Dagenais John H. Goldfine Sussex Mineral & Lapidary Society The Garnet Group LLC Tony Nikischer Uwe Kolitsch William Cordua reserved the Micromounters of New England in memory of Dr.Natural Selection Crystals Nature Designs Nevada Mineral and Book Company Nevada Minerals & Books Nooristan Crystals Northern Nevada Gold Nuevo Mundo Imports O' Dark Thirty Boyz O'Dark Thirty Boyz One of a Kind Jewelry Opalescent Daydreams Opalos Romero Orca Gems P. Customs Pacha Mama Minerals Pala Inc Pala International Fine Minerals Paleofacts Pangaea Industries Inc. Rarestone Richard Shupe Minerals Richard Shupe Minerals Robyn Hawk Rock Biz Rock Out Gem Mineral & Art Exchange Rock Pups Rock of Ages Rocko Minerals Rocko Minerals Rocks & Minerals Rocks and Minerals Rocks of Ages Rocks of Ages Rocksaholics Rockswest Rocky Mountain Mining Co.Pat Haynes Pat Haynes Patagonia Minerals Paul Botha Minerals Persson Rare Minerals Peter K. Megaw Peter Megaw Petr Sztacho Pike's Peak Rockshop Pinnacle 5 Minerals Pinnacle 5 Minerals Piritas de Navajún S. Poor Boys Opals Porte de Sahara R&D XTALS Inc R&D Xtals RLS Ramos Mineral's S. Russian Minerals S&S Gold & Diamonds SZ Mineraux Saga Minerals Saga Minerals Sarilapis Ltd.

Reid KQ's Minerals Karen Johnson Karen Keshner Karen King Karen Warseck Katharine Hrechka Katherine Iglesias Kathleen Smith Katie Seitz Keith A.Minor revisions have been made almost every week since then. There have been no major releases since then, however new distributions are added when found, dead distributions are removed when found, and link checking remains an ongoing process.Someday this list will hopefully move to a searchable database, making it easier than ever to find what you are looking for. Most mining companies today are committed to producing these resources in a way that both benefits the local communities and has little or no long-term environmental impact. Did you know now has a directory of mining companies worldwide?We're linking this list of companies to the mines and quarries they operate.

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