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We get in [the club], and we are totally out of our element. There's this synthesizer-computer music going, there's these laser lights and black lights. So we're standing there having a beer and all of sudden my friend goes, 'Hey man, check out that table over there.

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It's making me this grouchy guy and I don't want to be it. The other day, I was in my car and I got stuck behind a school bus. Like fifty-year-old guys can't go out with really young girls anymore. But once you hit fifty, you become that creepy old guy. You see some old guy with some young girl, you don't sit there and go 'Aw, that is so sweet'. And I don't even think he has to go; I think he just enjoys the comfort of that seat. " And I went upstairs and I walked in his room, and I heard this "boom, boom, boom." And I looked around the corner of the bathroom, he is standing butt naked in front of the mirror going "shake your boom boom, shake your boom boom." And I let it go for about ten seconds, then went "SHAKE IT, BOY! Aged and Confused (2009) [about how he and his wife can't go out on a date, since they're married] (A) I'm not going to get to pick the restaurant. ", and she's going to go "I don't care." So I'll say, "okay, how about Italian? And he goes 'Nah man, I think they're gonna come over'. And all of sudden, this one stands up, and she's about 5'10", smoking hot. Look, before this gets awkward, let me just buy your table a round of drinks, we'll call it a night, and it'll be over'. Think about it: how many eighty-year-old people with any tact at all do you know? I mean we were walking up to the front door of the club and we're all reaching for our wallets and the doorman goes: 'Please...'. We looked like we were filming a Flomax commercial.

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