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But wen u will not be with me my life will be like a hell so i want ur frndshp forever n ever love u always my sweet heart. But I'll always be there for you & try to make things as we dreamed of! Just want to wish you a Happy Friendship Day in advance which is on the first Sunday of August. I remember everything like those surfings, those chats, those ice-creams, those chocolates... My Dear Godan, I wish and pray that this bond grows stronger ever and ever.. How are you my janoo I miss u becoz it's Friendship Day and u r not with me oh! Just to let them know dat they are very spl to me!! Dear Sunanina Its been a long time since we actually met but you have never been away from my heart.

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I mean nothing to you, but you always mean everything to me. I even don't know whether you have accept my request or not. Wish you many successful years ahead and a bright and happy days always: Sweetest Friend Harini I miss you so much.I hope you are doing fine in life and enjoying a happily married life.Dear Sir It’s difficult to find people like you on this earth.Teaching this lady's kid will definitely be great for your stress OP.Don't know why you passed on that opportunity.

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