Are louis and kelly osbourne dating

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That's what's so great about being alive and being on this planet: everybody's different." Osbourne also proved she was able to handle difficulties in life, with newfound emotional strength.

She would later suffer a 30-second seizure on the set of .

After a few months, Osbourne decided to hit the gym. "To get to the gym—when you already don't like yourself—is really hard. I started wearing cute outfits and putting on a little bit of makeup.

Not to mention, fitness guru, who's 70 lbs lighter, and fitter than ever! Osbourne was teen fashionista candy on a stick, 's "People of the Year" 2002, as a, "…wickedly funny, brutally honest, pint-size, potty-mouthed spitfire." At 18, she was sporting a hairstyle, self-described as, "two haircuts from the Sixties," and she nonchalantly copped to downing cookies and soda on the daily., Osbourne explained that when she was 13 years old, "I had my tonsils taken out, and they gave me liquid Vicodin." What had begun as prescription opiate use, turned to a dangerous addiction.She wrote in her book revealed Osbourne checked into rehab for the first time when she was 19 years old.And no, she didn't do it with juice cleanses, brothy soup – interview that a typical day includes six meals, with loads of protein, fresh veggies, and healthy snacks. "My record is 7 1/2 minutes, and I beat a bloody Olympic silver medalist! The next morning you're like, 'Oh, my God, I'm so sore,' but you had the best night ever," she told Living a vibrant, sober, and wellness-minded life, 32-year-old Kelly Osbourne is an inspiration for personal style, staying fit, and believing in yourself."The three things I did to really change my diet were: start eating breakfast, drink water instead of soda, and always have a snack in the evening… Once a smart-mouthed teen girl just trying to find her way, she's transformed into a fiercely strong, confident, (ok, still smart-mouthed), knockout woman – inside and out.

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