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Love, Ellen Dear Misses Twinsetellen and Twinsetjan, It is hard to believe it has been almost a month since the last question. From the many cards and letters received with questions, I have chosen this one from an alert reader in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Question 2: Does having your boyfriend hold the yarn while you wind the ball really result in his keeping his hands to himself? Answer 2: All this started in Holland years ago when a boy named Hans Brinker was dating a pretty 24-year-old lady obsessed with knitting. The first waffle was a sacrifice to the squirrel gods, but it seems they have rejected it.

Whenever he would get a little “forward” she would get out a big bunch of yarn (history says it was called a “bunch” in those days) and have him hold it. His name was later mistranslated to English as “Hands.” To this day, when ladies get back to their dorm rooms and discuss dates they often refer to their second best boy friends as “Hands.” So you see, the answer to your question is “No.” However, if it weren’t for what the ladies call “the old yarn trick,” Case Western Reserve Medical School would have to expand their OB-GYN graduates by a multiple of ten. Some young men have vowed never to date any ladies belonging to a knitting club. Yarn Editor’s note: Yes, I have purchased a swift for my daughter and her husband. In fact, you could just about repeat it with the addition of a few more inches on the Dale baby sweater . This makes me quake in fear – the apocalypse must be near. Trader Joe’s was selling these adorable weeping pussy willows.

If you read the Ravelry notes, you’ll see I botched up some ends-weaving. I’m going to get a nice rich red and chain stitch a pattern on the two front pieces…maybe add some accents to the hem areas as well.

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I'm gonna guess the submachine gun will get parts like extended magazine, longer and shrouded barrel, and a metal stock so it looks like the original. The extended version is just that: it's the demo but extended.

It made a nice end to best meal we had on the trip (and that wasn’t influenced by the way it started, I’m pretty sure). Love, Ellen Hi, Jan, I have about a billion pictures of birds from our brief trip to Sanibel Island. I’m on to the sleeves, doing both at once, and only slightly regretting the tangle it makes to have both ends on two balls of yarn going at once. This will be a simple garter square, edged in a deeper teal in some sort of lace pattern, TBD. Switch the pussy willow with my just-in-bloom amaryllis, . The Springtime Sugarplums are getting a very tiny amount of work – they are my on-the-go project and I guess I have been somewhat stationery. (It would have been difficult to convince myself otherwise, as pre-frogging it was impossible to draw the cuff over my hand.

I’ll spare you most of them, but it will take another day or so before I sort through and find the best to share, along with a travel journal of that lovely escape. This is the body pre-steeking, hence the funny bunching at the neck and lack of armholes. I hope you are getting some knitting in on your travels, too. Not a good feature in a glove.) On the wildlife front – Wilson got a new waffle maker for his birthday (his wife gave it to him).

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