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Some web browsers also notify you if your webcam is being activated and you may be prompted to agree.Be sure your wireless network has strong security settings and a good password – not the default one that came with the router — to prevent outsiders from accessing your Wi-Fi network without your consent. There are two forms of hacking: “white hat” and “black hat“.However, there’s a whole community of hackers—black hat hackers—who find vulnerabilities only to exploit them as much as possible.

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Now that most smartphones come with a camera (or two), and camera use is popular with apps like Instagram that encourage photo sharing, hackers are finding sneaky ways to exploit them.

But don’t place it directly over the lens or else it could leave a sticky residue.

You can also buy little stickers or covers to place over your laptop’s lens.

You don’t need to be a powerful person in the public eye to be concerned. If you’re using an external webcam – that is, one that plugs into your computer’s USB port – only connect it when you need it.

Yes, it can be a pain to remember to plug it in whenever you want to Skype or Face Time with someone, but at least you’ll know 100% noone is spying if there’s no camera connected.

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