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However, that would miss the point of how things work here.Getting an idea of the place of organisations like Eesti Kontsert (EK), what goes on behind the scenes (so far as we know) and why even the prime minister has his ten cents' worth on the question provides clues on how organisations, companies, political parties, hierarchies and much more work here, and how omniscient the nexus of state and society really is.Now that MP Laine Randjärv (Reform) is assuredly not to be the next head of the Eesti Kontsert Foundation, it's useful to examine the story so far, what went wrong, who said what to whom and so on — though on another criterion than newsworthiness in the normal understanding.Readers might question the relevance to an English-language site of a story on the appointment of the head of what is essentially a concert-organising public body in Estonia.An MP over fifty years old taking time out to do postgraduate research may be out-of-the-ordinary in, say, the UK, but in a country which values education highly, the work-study-work pattern is much more common. John's, the Estonian church of our story, played a role too — Ms Randjärv had scheduled work trips there which would account for the postponement as well, according to a report on ETV news broadcast Aktuaalne kaamera.Whatever really happened, the mixed messages cause some to get cold feet about the appointment, they said, voting 3-2 against Ms Randjärv getting the job, on Wednesday 24 October.*Others see the élite's fingerprints here as elsewhere The case has raised questions on the extent to which the board was leaned on by those in government, given elections are quite soon.Minister of Culture Indrek Saar is a member of the Social Democratic Party (SDE), while Minister of Education Mailis Reps and Prime Minister Jüri Ratas are from the Centre Party; Ms Randjärv is from the opposition Reform Party, as noted.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.► Follow Victor Crone https:// https:// Wqqdj65mpp NUHZVkjaq?However, her detractors say that she actually did so to claim €21,000 in "compensation" which she would have lost had she started on 1 February as purportedly agreed.Ms Randjärv on her part says that delaying the start date would make no difference with regard to this potential money, and that the delay was really so she could continue work on an unfinished post-graduate thesis.Nevertheless, the progress of events during and after the competition gets a bit murky here; more information is likely to emerge on what happened, but the main issue cited revolved around Ms Randjärv's start date.Detractors saying it's all about the money As she is a sitting MP, Randjärv says she asked to postpone the start date for a month or two, to coincide with the general election, which will take place on 3 March.

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