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"This climate is linked to the political situation, instability, corruption, and complicated bureaucratic procedures for the development of new businesses or foreign investments,” he said.“There are internal and external factors creating a situation in Bosnia where the level of development is almost zero; things are stagnated and youth generally remain a very vulnerable and marginalized group.” According to the country’s constitution, which was adopted as Annex 4 of the Dayton Agreement, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a republic which operates in accordance with the law and with free and democratic elections.After graduating from the University of Sarajevo with a B. in public relations, Renata began applying for jobs — 50 in the first few months. Now age 23 and on the cusp of finishing her master’s degree in political science, she is facing the same reality.“I think I have applied maybe for 30 to 40 positions here in Bosnia,” Renata said, adding that if a job does not come through shortly, she will have to seek better prospects abroad.There is a framework for holidays, benefits and hour limits, but only in theory.In practice, workers are vulnerable to exploitation.'A strange place' The problem is further compounded by an absence of significant economic growth.During the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina received a considerable amount of humanitarian aid from around the world, which was distributed to victims of the war throughout the country.

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Editor’s note: This story is part of a special report on the global youth unemployment crisis, “Generation TBD.” It's the result of a Ground Truth reporting fellowship featuring 21 correspondents in 11 countries, a year-long effort that brings together media, technology, education and humanitarian partners for an authoritative exploration of the problem and possible solutions.

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Renata Mostarac has lived in the same apartment in Sarajevo since the day she was born.

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