Adventist dating without birthdays

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Strict, no tv, no answering the door on a Sunday, ladies with long hair and dresses only, short hair and pants for boys and men. Pros: -The teachers and staff are extremely caring and take an individual interest in each child.

The kids used to come over to our house to watch TV. - they are very strong on teaching confident public speaking from as early as Prep Cons: - Not very strong on science (they are young earth creationists) At the secondary level for example, they only offer the pure math course, not the math needed to qualify for engineering. For example, her niece asked her "Why is it if a boy sees the top of a girl's arm do they go like this (goes crosseyed) and can't think?

They always write me to try convincing me their personal household traditions are justified, but again, I'm not a cult guru or priest that has to be appeased to make one's household traditions justified; I simply want to look at the facts, and the fact is that most people have gotten themselves so wrapped up in the traditions of cakes, candles, parties, and gift-giving, they've never stopped for one second to ask why the traditions exist, or if they should be doing them in the first place.

It reeks of borderline grooming girls to be shamed into silence should anything untoward happen. The SDA church has a strong health message - so they are mainly vegetarians with a focus on healthy eating, most of them don't drink alcohol.

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So on Saturday's they attend church, and then in the afternoon often go to each other's homes, or a picnic, or family time, that sort of thing.

Saturday is supposed to be reserved just for church & family.

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