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Nearly every witch store, gift shop, and tourist trap sells serious titles about paganism as well as more sensational literature about ghost stories, witch trials, love spells, pirates, local history, and haunted goings-on.You’ll see a lot of repeat titles – Salem may be the only place in the world where you can run to one of five different places for a new copy of To Ride A Silver Broomstick.

There are four floors, one of which is restricted to kids and families.

a bookstore, there is a shop whose aesthetic is as close to Hogwarts as it can get without violating copyright.

Wynott’s Wands, which is conveniently crammed in with everything else on Essex Street, will pair you with a deluxe wand fit for a young witch or wizard.

For as long as anyone I know can remember, Derby Books was owned by one family, first a couple and then their two children, who stacked used and new books in teetering, ten-foot-high piles.

Every surface was booked, including the checkout counter.

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