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for quite In this article we will discuss the steps theater and club owners, and those of us in the lifestyle can take to protect ourselves from arrest.So, let's get into the details of what to watch out for, and why.Shining flashlights in parked cars looking for "contraband." Hassling everyone driving around in the area.

As a single male that has been in the lifestyle for quite a few years now, I can give you firsthand knowledge, even though I have never been busted myself.If he is hanging back and not doing anything but watching, I'll let him make the first move. Maybe you've noticed, but cops posing as a couple just don't act like a lifestyle couple. They will sort of hang around, loosely watching each other's backs, checking out the scenery. After they realized that I made them, they packed up their game and left. Of course, look for the leg holsters and other cop paraphernalia. I'm sure many of you will remember a web board known as Decadent City.I've seen a few that are so bad that the whole theater has caught on to them, and everyone there is sitting quietly, just watching the movie. The giveaway is that they tend to follow couples and will come in almost all at the same time. Undercover cops of any kind are phobic about being recognized, and don't ever want you to get a good look at them. Works best in the summertime when they can't hide their "tools" behind layers of clothing. As single men, we try to keep each other appraised of the situation in the theaters. This was the hottest information source about the lifestyle available on the net.Now, what can the theater and club owners do to make us feel a bit more comfortable? Here are just a few suggestions: Install some kind of early warning system or signal.Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. This one simple step will go a long way toward making us all feel safer. Those retail models with the "zoom in" feature work best.

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