Adult chat married but flirting

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For these folks, flirting isn't disrespectful to their spouse since nothing naughty is intended.

In this case, the flirting is harmless and innocent.

" which is both unrealistic and unfair in a culture that counts on sexy forms in just about every kind of marketing. When a person needs the thrill of flirting and doesn't receive it from their spouse - or if for whatever reason they're bored by the flirting provided by their spouse - they may turn elsewhere for that thrill.

Some married people flirt solely to reassure themselves that they still have the ability to attract people. While there is no harm in this behavior (providing it doesn't lead to other things) it can certainly be indicative of a need for better communication and maybe spicing things up a bit.

Married people who realize that flirting can be a release valve may also realize that there is a lot of pressure when you try to just "turn off" what might have been an ingrained habit established over years or decades.

Here’s a letter from “Confused,” whose boyfriend is “perfect” except for one thing – he collects women on myspace.

Even if this isn’t happening to you – I’ll bet it’s happening to a friend of yours, so let me know what you think and feel about all this:“Dear Rori, I have been using your tips before I met my current boyfriend and I’ve continued applying all your tools ever since we met, and let me tell you it has worked amazingly well.

Of course, before married people flirt, it's probably a good idea if they work out with each other what the definition of flirting is. All of these could be considered a form of flirting and knowing what level it becomes uncomfortable for your partner lets you both make informed decisions - whether that be modifying your own behavior or your partner working on handling insecurity and jealousy.

Some very insecure and jealous people will try to enforce a rule like "Don't even at another person! Marriage takes work, and the monotony of everyday life can make married people forget to flirt with one another.

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