Abuse dating in relationship

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This is known as “gaslighting” and is a common feature in emotionally abusive relationships.Basically, it means he manipulates you by causing you to question your own sanity.

MORE: How to Have a Healthy Relationship He takes no responsibility for any issues in the relationship. He’s not unhappy with the way things are, so you need to get over it or deal with it, and his participation is not required. Abusers are master manipulators, and since he knows how to push your buttons you will buy into his twisted reality.If he does something that crosses the line, he justifies it by saying that if you hadn’t been acting so annoying/needy/demanding/difficult, then he wouldn’t have said or did what he did. You’ll feel shame, like you brought it upon yourself, like you deserve to be treated this way, like you just can’t do anything right.Because your self-esteem is shot, you’ll think you’re lucky to have a man at all, even if you’re not happy, so you need to just suck it up and deal.Some abusers keep their horrible side secret, only turning on you when nobody else is around to see it.This can be very isolating, since who would believe such a nice guy would ever be cruel to you?

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