2 day rule dating big and beautiful online dating

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If you’re not very sure about whether she’s had a great time with you, but you really want to tell her you had a nice time, don’t call just yet.[Read: How to know if your date is a success] Text her a line thanking her for a great date.Text her at first, and even if she isn’t too enthusiastic in her response or doesn’t text anything about calling each other up, you’ve played the chivalrous card by thanking her for a great date. [Read: How to be chivalrous] Any woman would appreciate a guy who can initiate a conversation the very evening.

You may also make it obvious that you’re smitten by her, and yet, you’re giving her enough space by not calling her up and texting her instead.

But how sure are you that she’s already falling for you?

Did she say something like “I can’t wait to meet you again” or an “I think I miss you already”?

Everyone knows the unwritten rule of waiting two days before calling after a date. Thinking from a girl’s perspective, she wouldn’t want to think too much about the date especially if you’ve made her wait for two days.

Even if she’s excited, her fear of rejection or not hearing back from you may numb the excitement.

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